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About Apple Care Mumbai

Honest. Fast. Friendly. We fix your Apple devices.

From Apple’s products Water Repair, Broken Screen to Macbooks Hardware related problems we help our customers with quality repair services for all Apple products.


We are Unofficial Apple Products Repair & Service Provider

Certified Technician

We are a team of certified technicians for Apple products repairs & Servicing.

What we do

If you broke it, we can fix it. – Apple Products Repair

“We Fix All Apple Product Issues”.  The main core of our business is on site troubleshooting of Mac hardware and software.

Apple iPhone Repair

We repair all types of problems in Apple iPhones from broken screen, password issues to software problems.

Apple Macbook Repair

Repairing Apple Macbooks from it's oldest model to the latest one, we do it very precisely and smartly for you.

Apple iMac Repair

We help our customers for Apple iMac's all types of problems including Software & Hardware problems

Apple iPad Repair

Repairing Apple iPads (all versions) is our speciality including it's software as well as hardware problems.

Our History

Since 2016, we’ve fixed Apple Products and made customers happy